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RPC Communication and Other issues
RMI basics

Sun Remote Procedure Call Mechanism

Originally developed by Sun, but now widely available on other platforms (including Digital Unix). Also known as Open Network Computing (ONC).

Sun RPC package has an RPC compiler (rpcgen) that automatically generates the client and server stubs.

RPC package uses XDR (eXternal Data Representation) to represent data sent between client and server stubs.

Has built-in representation for basic types (int, float, char).

Also provides a declarative language for specifying complex data types.


Short Summary:

  • Parameter passing: single argument passed and received (must use structures for more).
  • Binding: done through port mapper daemon process. Must know remote server name.
  • Transport protocol: Can use either UDP or TCP, Total size of arguments must be less than 8192 bytes for UDP. rpcgen defaults to UDP.
  • Exception handling: If UDP is used and the client times it then it resends the request. If TCP is used and an error occurs then the request is not resent.
  • Data representation: uses XDR.
  • Security. Set cl->cl_auth = (3 basic types). :
    • AUTH_NULL. null authentification (default)
    • AUTH_SYS. Unix authentification causes following fields to be included with each RPC request: time stamp, name of the local host, Default used by NFS (network file system). client’s effective user id, list of all client groups.
    • AUTH_DES. exchanges secure information using DES (data encryption standard) for standard. Also AUTH_KERBEROS.
RPC Communication and Other issues
RMI basics

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