Stateless vs. Stateful server

Posted By on March 25, 2016

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Berkeley algorithm
  • Stateless server. Server sends off file or block, forgets all about it.
  • Stateful server. Server keeps track of processes on machines that have this file open and of their position in the file.

A stateless server has the advantages that:

  • Client processes are OK if server crashes and recovers (fault tolerant).
  • Server and other clients are OK if one client crashes.
  • No OPEN/CLOSE calls are needed.
  • Simplifies server
  • No tables at server; hence no limits on number of open files.

A stateful server have the advantages that:

  • Request messages are shorter.
  • Performance is better.
  • Readahead is possible.
  • File locking is possible (for writing).
  • Server-initiated notification is possible.
Berkeley algorithm

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