Requirements engineering

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Requirement Analysis
Types of Requirements
  • Systematic requirements analysis is also known as requirements engineering.
  • It is sometimes referred to loosely by names such as requirements gathering, requirements capture, or requirements specification.
  • The term requirements analysis can also be applied specifically to the analysis proper, as opposed to elicitation or documentation of the requirements, for instance.
  • Requirements Engineering can be divided into discrete chronological steps:
    • Requirements elicitation
    • Requirements analysis and negotiation,
    • Requirements specification,
    • System modeling,
    • Requirements validation,
    • Requirements management.
  • Requirement engineering according to Laplante (2007) is “a subdiscipline of systems engineering and software engineering that is concerned with determining the goals, functions, and constraints of hardware and software systems.”
  • In some life cycle models, the requirement engineering process begins with a feasibility study activity, which leads to a feasibility report.
  • If the feasibility study suggests that the product should be developed, then requirement analysis can begin.
  • If requirement analysis precedes feasibility studies, which may foster outside the box thinking, then feasibility should be determined before requirements are finalized.
Requirement Analysis
Types of Requirements

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