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ALOHA in Computer Networks
Domain Name System (DNS)

1Explain: LAN, WAN and internet.
2Explain functions of different layers of OSI model.
3Explain: X.25 and 802.11 standards.
4Explain sliding window protocol.
5What is Ethernet? Explain Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.
6Discuss Design Issues in Data link Layer.
7Explain: ALOHA, Tunneling.
8What is Hamming Code? Explain how it is useful in error correction
9Differentiate: (1) Virtual circuit v/s Datagram subnet. (2) Connection oriented v/s Connectionless services
10Explain the working principle of CSMA
11Differentiate : IPV4 & IPV6
12Explain the working principle of stop and wait protocol
13Explain the Bit-Map protocol with suitable example
14What is cyclic redundancy check? Show the calculation polynomial code checksum for a frame 1101011011 using the generator x4+x+1.
15Explain the following two collision free protocol.
(i) A bit map protocol
(ii) Binary countdown
a) non persistent CSMA
b) p-persistent CSMA.
17Explain following with respect to ATM(asynchronous transfer mode)
a) Virtual circuits
b) Cells
18Explain connection establishment and connection release in Transport protocols.
19Discuss different types of guided and unguided media used to transmit Data in the Network.
20Design issues of Network Layer.
21What is topology? Give different type of topology and its use
22Explain : MAC address and IP address
23Explain piggybacking, 1-bit sliding window protocol with go back N and selective repeat
24What is framing? Explain the various methods used for carrying out the framing in detail.
25Define Terms: – Switch, Router, Hub, Gateway, Firewall, IP Address, FDM, TDM, WDM, Tunneling, Frame, Frame Structure.

ALOHA in Computer Networks
Domain Name System (DNS)

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