Non-persistent CSMA

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Binary Countdown
p-persistent CSMA

• In this scheme, if a station wants to transmit a frame and it finds that the channel is busy (some other station is transmitting) then it will wait for fixed interval oftime.
• After this time, it again checks the status of the channel and if the channel it will transmit.

• A station that has a frame to send senses the channel.

• If the channel is idle, it sends immediately.

• If the channel is busy, it waits a random amount of time and then senses the channel again.

• In non-persistent CSMA the station does not continuously sense the channel for the purpose of capturing it when it detects the end of previous transmission.


Advantage of non-persistent


• It reduces the chance of collision because the stations wait a random amount of time. It is unlikely that two or more stations will wait for same amount of time and will retransmit at the same time.


Disadvantage of non-persistent


• It reduces the efficiency of network because the channel remains idle when there may be stations with frames to send. This is due to the fact that the stations wait a random amount of time after the collision.

                                          Non persistent

Binary Countdown
p-persistent CSMA

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