Modifying the Database- deletion, insertion, updating

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The Domain Relational Calculus

Modifying the Database

  1. Up until now, we have looked at extracting information from the database. We also need to add, remove and change information. Modifications are expressed using the assignment operator.



  1. Deletion is expressed in much the same way as a query. Instead of displaying, the selected tuples are removed from the database. We can only delete whole tuples.In relational algebra, a deletion is of the form

    where is a relation and is a relational algebra query.

    Tuples in for which is true are deleted.

  2. Some examples:1. Delete all of Smith’s account records.

    2. Delete all loans with loan numbers between 1300 and 1500.

    3. Delete all accounts at Branches located in Needham.




  1. To insert data into a relation, we either specify a tuple, or write a query whose result is the set of tuples to be inserted. Attribute values for inserted tuples must be members of the attribute’s domain.
  2. An insertion is expressed by

    where is a relation and is a relational algebra expression.

  3. Some examples:1. To insert a tuple for Smith who has $1200 in account 9372 at the SFU branch.

    2. To provide all loan customers in the SFU branch with a $200 savings account.





  1. Updating allows us to change some values in a tuple without necessarily changing all.We use the update operator, , with the form

    where is a relation with attribute , which is assigned the value of expression .

    The expression is any arithmetic expression involving constants and attributes in relation .

    Some examples:

    1. To increase all balances by 5 percent.

    This statement is applied to every tuple in deposit.

    2. To make two different rates of interest payment, depending on balance amount:

    Note: in this example the order of the two operations is important.

The Domain Relational Calculus

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