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JSF Expression Language
JSF Facelets Tag

JSF provides a standard HTML tag library. These tags get rendered into corresponding html output.

For these tags you need to use the following namespaces of URI in html node.


Following are important Basic Tags in JSF 2.0:

S.N. Tag & Description
1 h:inputText

Renders a HTML input of type=”text”, text box.

2 h:inputSecret

Renders a HTML input of type=”password”, text box.

3 h:inputTextarea

Renders a HTML textarea field.

4 h:inputHidden

Renders a HTML input of type=”hidden”.

5 h:selectBooleanCheckbox

Renders a single HTML check box.

6 h:selectManyCheckbox

Renders a group of HTML check boxes.

7 h:selectOneRadio

Renders a single HTML radio button.

8 h:selectOneListbox

Renders a HTML single list box.

9 h:selectManyListbox

Renders a HTML multiple list box.

10 h:selectOneMenu

Renders a HTML combo box.

11 h:outputText

Renders a HTML text.

12 h:outputFormat

Renders a HTML text. It accepts parameters.

13 h:graphicImage

Renders an image.

14 h:outputStylesheet

Includes a CSS style sheet in HTML output.

15 h:outputScript

Includes a script in HTML output.

16 h:commandButton

Renders a HTML input of type=”submit” button.

17 h:Link

Renders a HTML anchor.

18 h:commandLink

Renders a HTML anchor.

19 h:outputLink

Renders a HTML anchor.

20 h:panelGrid

Renders an HTML Table in form of grid.

21 h:message

Renders message for a JSF UI Component.

22 h:messages

Renders all message for JSF UI Components.

23 f:param

Pass parameters to JSF UI Component.

24 f:attribute

Pass attribute to a JSF UI Component.

25 f:setPropertyActionListener

Sets value of a managed bean’s property

JSF Expression Language
JSF Facelets Tag

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