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Java Assignment 4
This Keyword in JAVA


Explain this and super reference with example.

List OOP characteristics.

Explain & illustrate by examples use of final.

What is JAVA Math Class.? List 10 method with syntax. Write an example.

Explain Java Data types? List all data type with its size.

What is java array? How we can create an array and initialize and array.

Explain 2D array with example. Explain Ragged Array?

Write short notes on Java method with syntax and example.

What is java variable. Explain different types of variable.

Explain short circuited operators, shift operators and Garbage Collection in JAVA.

Explain difference between String class and String Buffer class.

Explain Dynamic Method Dispatch (Dynamic Binding OR run time Polymorphism) with


Explain following keyword or short notes

a. Static

b. Final

c. Finalize

d. Instanceof Operator

e. Java util packages

Explain File constructors, and any ten methods of class File and method seek.

A protected data or method can be accessed by any class in the same package. Justify.

There is no destructor in Java. Justify.

What are Java classes? How we can create java classes.

What is object? How we can create java objects?

Explain access specifies and compare their scope in tabular format.

What is Java string? How we can initialize and create java string explains with 10 methods?

String class in immutable explain.

Explain Java Character class with suitable example and methods

What is inheritance in java . Explain all its Type. Write an example.

Explain Cosmic superclass (Object Class) and its methods.

Explain interface in JAVA. How do interfaces support polymorphism?

Explain package in java. List out all packages with short description.

Differentiate Method Overloading and Method Overriding with example.

Explain Generics in java and its need. How we uses generic with generic classes.Write an generic
example .

Define polymorphism with its need. Define and explain static and dynamic binding using

What do u understand by casting an objects. Explain with the example

Differentiate between abstract class abstract methods with the help of example.

What is java interface . What is its advantages. What is its need. Difference between abstract
classes and interface. Justify with the help of example.

What is an Exception? Explain Exception handling in JAVA.

Enlist and explain the difference between error and exception. Write a program to handle
InterruptedException, IllegalArgumentException using try-cat-finally and throw.

What is try-catch and finally block in exception handling. Elaborate with the help of example.

Java Assignment 4
This Keyword in JAVA

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