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Java Assignment 4

Q-1 What is inheritance in java. Explain all its Type. Write an example.
Q-2 Explain Cosmic superclass and its methods.
Q-3 Explain interface in JAVA. How do interfaces support polymorphism?
Q-4 Explain package in java. List out all packages with short description.
Q-5 Differentiate Method Overloading and Method Overriding with example.
Q-6 Explain Generics in java and its need. How we uses generic with generic classes.Write an generic example .
Q-7 Define polymorphism with its need. Define and explain static and dynamic   binding using program.
Q-8 What do u understand by casting an objects. Explain with the example
Q-9 Short Notes:

  • Instanceof Operator

  • Java util packages

Q-10 Differentiate between abstract class abstract methods with the help of example.
Q-11 What is java interface. What is its advantages. What is its need. Difference between abstract classes and interface.Justify with the help of example.
Q-12 What is Difference between method overloading and overriding in details. Give example for that.

Java Assignment 4

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