Differences between distance vector and link state routing protocol

Posted By on October 22, 2014

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Leaky Bucket Algorithm
Particular Distance Vector Routing Protocol Link State Routing Protocol
Example of RIP, IGRP OSPF, IS-IS
Algorithm Bellmon-ford Shortest Path first (SPF)
Support subnet Only Classfull Routing Classfull, Classless, VLSM, Summarization
Scale Small, limited hop Large
Table creation Only Routing Table Routing Table, Neighbor Table and Topology Table
Convergence time Very Slow Fast
Updating On Broadcast On multicast
Updating based on Rumor Based on topology table
Updating time When periodic timer expired Whenever changing occurs
Updating contents Whole routing table Only changed information
HOP Limited Unlimited
Needs Memory Less High
CPU Cycle Less High
Configuration Simple Advanced
Risk of Layer 3 Loop Yes No
Hierarchical Structure No Yes
OPEN Standard Yes Yes
Leaky Bucket Algorithm

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