Difference Between Selling Concept and Marketing Concept

Posted By on September 15, 2014

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Different Concepts of Marketing
Forecasting and its types


1 Emphasis is on the product
2 Company Manufactures the product first
3 Management is sales volume oriented
4 Planning is short-run-oriented in terms of today’s products and markets
5 Stresses needs of seller
6 Views business as a good producing process
7 Emphasis on staying with existing technology and reducing costs
8 Different departments work as in a highly separate water tight compartments
9 Cost determines Price
10 Selling views customer as a last link in business


1 Emphasis on consumer needs wants
2 Company first determines customers needs and wants and then decides out how to deliver a product to   satisfy these wants
3 Management is profit oriented
4 Planning is long-run-oriented in today’s products and terms of new products, tomorrow’s markets and   future growth
5 Stresses needs and wants of buyers
6 Views business as consumer producing process sat¬isfying process
7 Emphasis on innovation on every existing technol¬ogy and reducing every sphere, on providing better   costs value to the customer by adopting a superior technology
8 All departments of the business integrated manner, the sole purpose being generation of consumer    satisfaction
9. Consumer determine price, price determines cost
10. Marketing views the customer last link in business as the very purpose of the business

Different Concepts of Marketing
Forecasting and its types

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