Characteristics of Object Oriented Programming Language

Posted By on September 16, 2014

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The characteristics of OOP are:

Class definitions – Basic building blocks OOP and a single entity which has data and operations on data together

Objects – The instances of a class which are used in real functionality – its variables and operations

Abstraction – Specifying what to do but not how to do ; a flexible feature for having a overall view of an object’s functionality.

Encapsulation – Binding data and operations of data together in a single unit – A class adhere this feature

Inheritance and class hierarchy – Reusability and extension of existing classes

Polymorphism – Multiple definitions for a single name – functions with same name with different functionality; saves time in investing many function names Operator and Function overloading

Generic classes – Class definitions for unspecified data. They are known as container classes. They are flexible and reusable.

Class libraries – Built-in language specific classes

Message passing – Objects communicates through invoking methods and sending data to them. This feature of sending and receiving information among objects through function parameters is known as Message Passing.

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