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Graphical User Interface (GUI) in JAVA
Containers and Components

AWT is huge! It consists of 12 packages (Swing is even bigger, with 18 packages as of JDK 1.7!). Fortunately, only 2 packages – java.awt and java.awt.event – are commonly-used.

  1. The java.awt package contains the core AWT graphics classes:
    • GUI Component classes (such as Button, TextField, and Label),
    • GUI Container classes (such as Frame, Panel, Dialog and ScrollPane),
    • Layout managers (such as FlowLayout, BorderLayout and GridLayout),
    • Custom graphics classes (such as Graphics, Color and Font).
  2. The java.awt.event package supports event handling:
    • Event classes (such as ActionEvent, MouseEvent, KeyEvent and WindowEvent),
    • Event Listener Interfaces (such as ActionListener, MouseListener, KeyListener and WindowListener),
    • Event Listener Adapter classes (such as MouseAdapter, KeyAdapter, and WindowAdapter).

AWT provides a platform-independent and device-independent interface to develop graphic programs that runs on all platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) in JAVA
Containers and Components

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