Algebra Formulas part 3

Posted By on December 21, 2014

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Algebra formulas part-2
Exponential Formulas

Quadric Equation: ax2+bx+c=0

Solutions (roots):


If D=b24ac is the discriminant , then the roots are

1. real and unique if D>0

2. real and equal if D=0

3. complex conjugate if D<0

Cubic Equation: x3+a1x2+a2x+a3=0



Then solutions (roots) of the cubic equation are:


If D=Q3+R2 is the discriminant of the cubic equation, then:

1. one root is real and two complex conjugate if D>0

2. all roots are real and at last two are equal if D=0

3. all roots are real and unequal if D<0

Quartic Equation:x4+a1x3+a2x2+a3x+a4=0

Let y1 be a real root of the cubic equation


Then solutions of the quartic equation are the 4 roots of

Algebra formulas part-2
Exponential Formulas

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